Solar Shed Light w/ Batteries
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The BSL-P8002M-1 Shed Light is easy to transport and set up and is ideal for sheds, gazebos, garages, barns or greenhouses--anywhere where there is no public electricity supply. You can also bring it along on a camping trip, an evening picnic, or use it for working outside at night.

The Solarland BSL-P8002M-1 shed light comes with a 1.5-watt waterproof solar panel. it is constructed with 12 LED lights and a reflecting plate, giving you enough light to light up a whole room. Except for the batteries, the kit is warranted for one year.

It takes about five to six hours for the solar panel to charge up the shed light's batteries. This will allow the light to run for four to five hours. The three rechargeable batteries will last up to 500 cycles. (A cycle refers to batteries being fully discharged and recharged.)

Materials and Construction:

  • One waterproof 1.5W Solar Panel with pre-attached 188-inch wire
  • Shed light constructed of 12 LED's and silver-gilt reflecting plate
  • 3 Ni-Mh AA 600mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Mounting hardware and wires

Solar Shed Light w/ Batteries

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